Someone having a worse day than you did.

I’m guessing, at least.


LOS ANGELES (Sept. 8) — Four firefighters escaped injury Tuesday after their fire engine sunk into a large hole caused by a burst water main in the San Fernando Valley.

I’m pretty sure that the driver of that fire truck will never be allowed to drive the fire truck again.  Ever.

Moe Lane


  • Loren Heal says:

    At least, not whitout some *serious* ribbing, mocking, and playful demands about seatbelts and airbags.

  • BigFire says:

    Not really. The road give way under the engine when they realized that the street surface is compromised. He did NOT drive into a hole. A hole swallowed his truck.

  • FeFe says:

    We are talking about Califailure, right? So regardless if the driver had driven into the hole, he would undoubtedly be given his job back since he is most assuredly a union member (minority a plus) or an outside contractor union member (illegal a plus) designed to save money. Look, it works! Think of all the evil gas saved by not driving this fire truck. However, don’t expect him to be on the job anytime soon before his worker’s comp claim gets processed, and with those increased state worker furlough days, designed to save money, it could be a long wait on his subsidized couch. What fire?

    So, Gaia is now swallowing fire trucks whole? What is Mother Nature trying to say? Does Algore have an alibi?

  • BigFire says:

    I live in Los Angeles, so my perspective is different. The water main beneath the street break, causing a drop of water pressure in that neighborhood. The fire department is called out to investigate this because that might be a symptom of fire due to how much water fire sprinkler uses. Meanwhile, the water main break is washing the road beneath the asphalt away, and when the fire truck arrived, the driver realized the surface they’re on was compromised. He tried to back up, and the road collapse beneath it.

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