I’m still here.

Eight years ago, somebody tried to kill me. And if you were in America at the time of the attacks, they tried to kill you, too. The people who committed that outrage made no secret of their desire to see us all dead; and I take them at their word. They hate and fear us, and they want us to die screaming. And they succeeded in killing far too many innocents.

Not much room for nuance there – and at seventh and last, there are two possible emotional reactions to that kind of hate; fear, or anger. I chose ‘anger.’ Because 9/11 was an outrage, not a tragedy.Β  And there’s not much else to say about that.

Except that I’m still here, and so are you.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t bother giving a lecture on a Third Way: it doesn’t exist. Anger, or fear. Pick one.

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