I’m sorry, I thought that I was clearer.

Spent the day at an SCA event.  The wife needed an A&S judge, the kitchen needed somebody on fennel-chopping duty, and the barony needed both of us there to get awards*.

And, to be honest: it’s nice to have days off.  And beers!  These days it’s just one beer if I get to have one at all.  I might have felt mildly guilty about it all if there wasn’t beer involved.

Moe Lane

*Baronial service award for her; AoA for me… yes, Gwalchmai: I smiled, was sincerely thankful for the honor, and said that this was all very unexpected.  Because, really, what the heck else can you do?


  • Gwalchmai says:

    Good man! Now have you contacted the Clerk of Precedence to make sure that your and your lady wife’s awards have been transfered over yet? Hint, Hint.

  • Gwalchmai says:

    I think it happened when the local events started going ‘Dry’, so we countered by running events.

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