Three observations before I go out the door.

I am certain of three things:

  1. The Democrats are trying to manage expectations about today’s DC demonstration by coming up with a number of ‘expected’ protesters that is far above actual expectations;
  2. The media will play along;
  3. It won’t actually work.

But you can blame it on me, if 2 million don’t show up.  My wife has made some few comments about how nice it would be to see my face during daylight hours, for a change.

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8 thoughts on “Three observations before I go out the door.”

  1. Moe, we just returned to our hotel from the march and rally. I’m not sure what number is accurate but when the police estimated 1.2 million I thought that sounded about right. It was simply huge. We weren’t close enough to hear and see everything at the Capitol but also weren’t far enough away to be comfortably unsqueezed by humanity. Still we had a fabulous time, signs, 14 month old, stroller, and all. Everyone we met and talked to was polite, enthusiastic, sincere, upbeat, and refusing to take the theft of our liberties and freedoms laying down. All of us expect to be here again in a year.

    It was a truly incredible and historic day. 100s of thousands of us are officially POLITICAL ACTIVISTS now, and proud of it!

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