Book of the Week: A Wizard of Mars.

It’s not available until April, but what the heck: I’ve always been fond of Diane Duane’s work, particularly her YA So You Want To be a Wizard series. And besides, if I excluded people who more-or-less vaguely hate people like me from these sorts of lists I’d have a very short list with which to work with. As long as I can’t guess at, or be reminded of, the politics from the first fifty pages everything’s golden*.

So, we replace with The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun with A Wizard of Mars, and go on with this lovely Sunday night.

*The besettling sin of the Still Life With Fascists series, alas. The idea is to discuss Why You Think It Would Have Sucked To Have Hitler Have A Peace Treaty With England, not Why The Bush Administration Made So Angry, You Wanted To Strangle A Manatee In The Nude**.

**Bloom County reference.

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