It’s the little things that make Schlock Mercenrary fun.

Take today’s little quick examination of evil, and how our various definitions of it and its origins is going to run into the thorny problem of created sapience like a sports car running into a brick wall, and how this entire conversation drives practical men mad – since they want to know the answer, yet don’t want to listen to the implications of the question…

Well. It’s Howard Tayler. That Hugo nomination was for a reason.


  • Jeff Weimer says:


    Thanks, by the way, for bringing that webcomic to my attention – it’s a lot of fun, and smart like few others.

    And IMHO, Howard was treated poorly by the Hugo voting – he was out by the second round, shameful. But at least he got a nomination, and that’s a darn sight better than you or me.

  • wombat-socho says:

    Yeah, he had some stiff competition, all right. Faced with that choice, I don’t know how I would have voted myself.

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