Politico offers the unkindest cut of all towards POTUS.

They analyze the President’s performance to date, and conclude that his new life goal should be… mediocrity.

What all this means is, barring some unforeseeable world event, Obama’s will probably not be a historic presidency. He will have some successes and a lot of failures. His opposition won’t roll over, and his party will refuse to go along with his more costly, and thus risky, schemes. He won’t coast to reelection.

So Obama now has the chance to be the sort of president Bush would have been if the World Trade Center towers had not come down. Here’s hoping he makes the best of it.

Via Instapundit. I personally doubt that it will happen; there are far too many Democratic partisans out there who absolutely need this President to be… whatever it is that they are not, and know that they are not.  They will not be pleased to see this administration try to revise its hopes and goals so as to be more in line with its abilities, and they will do their level best to stop that change.

Just the way it is.

Moe Lane

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