Well, nobody expects Rahm Emanuel to be historically literate.

But we should expect the Washington Post to be.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) In the process of reading this otherwise unsurprising WaPo article about how the President is still trying to figure out how to counter the quote-unquote “right wing noise machine*,” we’re treated to this bit from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:

…the John Birch Society was created in reaction to Kennedy…

Um. No. No, it wasn’t. I got no love for the Birchers, but they were formed in 1958 – and at the time, John F Kennedy was still the guy who was friends with Joe McCarthy.  Or so Wikipedia assures me here, here, and here.

I don’t blame Emanuel for making this up – he’s an administration stooge, that’s what they do – but the WaPo should have sent out a reporter with the mother-wit and education to check that out, even if it was only on Wikipedia.  Not that I really approve of that source for important things, but I understand that a good number of mainstream journalists do.  At any rate, why doesn’t the Washington Post have reporters who know enough 20th Century American history to immediately spot an iffy statement like Emauel’s?

Or editors?

Moe Lane

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