Lamar! Czar! …and that joke will get old fast.

‘Rain of hellfire.’ If I had told people six months ago that this was going to be the level of the rhetoric coming from the Democrats I would have been soundly mocked for it.

Suffice it to say that Senator Alexander (R, TN) is amused at the DNC’s decision to play Teh GREAT Internetz Defenderz!!!11!1ONE!1!!!!11!:

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Hard not to be amused: it’s not every day that you see a major party organization threaten to unleash a “rain of hellfire” on health care rationing opponents.  Or, as we here in Reality Non-Unicorn like to call them, “56% of the population.”

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, Lamar! was theoretically on to talk about the difference between positions that require Senate confirmation and postions that don’t (free hint: the Obama administration likes the latter.  A lot).  But why should I pretend that the DNC is anything except the White House’s sockpuppet?  Nobody else is.

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