Well, it’s official: No Roots HQ for me.

For various reasons (only some of which are financial, but all of which are personal), I’ll be not attending RootsHQ this weekend. ‘Fortunately,’ I’m only out the registration fee.

…this sounds a lot more ominous than it actually is. It’s not really ominous at all, in fact; it was just that getting to the RS Gathering used up too many resources to make this weekend viable. Still, I’m sorry to miss anybody who I might have run into there.

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  • Loren Heal says:

    Not to worry, Moe. I won’t be there either (for congruent reasons) so there will be little interest after the first few minutes. They’ll likely call the whole thing off at that point.

    On the odd chance that they find something to talk about without our presence, I hope someone puts up the video.

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