The White House rejects interstate competition in health insurance.

This is actually from September 9th – you can tell, because they’re hyping the President’s speech as being a game-changer – but it’s instructive nonetheless. In this clip, Axelrod was asked, point-blank, why the administration isn’t trying to change the rules to let insurance companies compete across straight[*] lines, and his refusal to give a straight answer is almost as funny as is watching Wolf Blitzer pushing him to give one.

Mind you, the actual answer – “There isn’t anything in that scheme that benefits a Democratic client group, and interstate competition is part of the Republican plan that we keep lying about not existing, so we won’t support it” – is politically… fraught.  Nonetheless, it’s instructive to remember that this administration has no interest in a bipartisan solution to health care reform, and even less interest in getting the Democrats in Congress under control.  All the President wants is a bill to sign and the opportunity to declaim that he’s reformed health care.  Anything will do at this point.

(Via Below the Beltway, via The Other McCain)

Moe Lane

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[*As RS commenter NightTwister guessed: this is a Freudian slip, but I’m not going to fix it. On reflection, I like it better this way.- ML]

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  1. Wolf does a far better job here than he did in Celebrity Jeopardy. Axelrod’s answer was more painful than funny to watch. Like watching someone dehydrated and with a potassium deficiency play Twister.

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