BBC’s Chris Packham calls for panda’s extinction with dignity.

(Via AoSHQ Headlines) I know that I’ve made some pointed comments about Ailuropoda melanoleuca’s collective will to live, but I never dared take it to the next step. Chris Packham, on the other hand…

Giant pandas should be allowed to die out as they are stuck in an ‘evolutionary cul-de-sac’, according to BBC presenter Chris Packham.

The conservationist, 48, said the species was not strong enough to survive on its own and it would be better to let nature take its course.

This got a response from the WWF, once they could find a spokesman who didn’t have an aneurysm on the spot at the thought of letting their logo go extinct. Said response more or less boils down to this:


“See The Panda. It’s Our Fault. Love The Panda. We’re Taking Their Mountains Away. Protect The Panda. Give Us Money. Money For The Pandas.”

Well, at least they aren’t taking NEA payola.


Moe Lane

PS: I wasn’t joking about the dignity thing, although I thought that I was. Packham, again:

‘I reckon we should pull the plug. Let them go, with a degree of dignity.’

These people are hard to parody, sometimes.


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