So, there’s a kid’s video called All About Big Red Fire Engines.

I thought that we’d give the series a shot; the kid likes trucks. Heck, the daddy likes trucks.

The daddy does not like having to deal with multiple previews of shows and movies that he has no intention of either buying, or letting his kid get in the habit of wanting; particularly when the “skip past” and “skip to menu” functions on the DVD have been disabled. The daddy will thus not buy any more of the series.

The studio for this series is Gaiam Americas: You Have Been Warned.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t object to advertising, per se. NCircle Entertainment does it smart, though: they put examples of other shows that they distribute after the main program, where you can ignore them if you want. Which is why we went out and bought a bunch of Pocoyo videos; an example was on the Mighty Machines video that we bought for the kid, and it met our criteria for acceptable entertainment.

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