Dude. They’re *all* Freemasons.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) Well, all the male Members of Congress are.  The ones who aren’t Catholics, at least (I think that the Knights of Malta handle them for the Illuminati).  The female Members of Congress?  Order of the Golden Dawn.  I think.  I’m not on that particular mailing list. There’s a bunch of others, but members of Congress can double or even triple up; at this level the only real difference between the various mystical orders, secret societies, and occult conspiracies is what color your robe is at the rituals.

Also: if you’re going to go with the entire Secrets of the Catholic Church thing, go to the source. I don’t care what the lawsuit said; I am doubtful that Dan Brown came up with this on his own.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, of course the President’s a Freemason. Didn’t you see National Treasure? No? Heathen philistine.


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