Roman Polanski should have moved to Omelas.

Looking over Salon’s Kate Harding’s possibly too-surprised realization that too many people that she’s presumably normally OK with seem willing to forgive a child-rapist who makes good movies (via Little Miss Attila); The Guardian’s account of the way that Hollywood is forming up to defend said child-rapist (who, by the way, confessed to the crime) (via Big Hollywood); and Patterico’s observation that Anne Applebaum didn’t even read the stories that she linked to while defending the child-rapist (that would be the one who used drugs to rape a 13 year old girl) (via Instapundit)… yeah.  Roman Polanski would have been a perfect fit for Omelas.

And they would have loved to have him, too.

Moe Lane

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One thought on “Roman Polanski should have moved to Omelas.”

  1. Didn’t they sort of rape the prisoners at abu Ghraib prison … and they took pictures, just like Roman Polanski did with the 13 year old.

    Now we have the proof that abu Ghraib prison really wasn’t that bad .. they were trying to do their “Roman Polanski” thing.

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