Pre-debunking the next Palin book rumor.

Got this one off of the Amazon discussion thread of Going Rogue: An American Life – well, one of the threads. Anyway, expect to see people actually arguing that the reason that the book is selling like hotcakes on Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com is because supposedly the VRWC is out there making mass pre-orders.  Let’s take it now to Peter Sultan, the commenter who did a nice job throttling this one in its crib:

Umm, not really.

These books are ordered by individuals. A “pre-order” is not a request that a bookstore obtain the book so it can be picked up an purchased later. A pre-order is giving amazon or barnes & noble, etc an *actual* order for the book, with payment method and everything.

So hopefully that will settle the matter.

Moe Lane

PS: I will not dignify any suggestion that I brought this all up solely for the purposes of filthy lucre with a response.

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