So, how do the kids get their music videos these days?

What with MTV and VH1 not being the video stations of my childhood and early adulthood?

Yes, yes, I know: but initial research was inconclusive, or at least looked to be more involved than I actually felt like being about it.


  • Neil Stevens says:

    Do they really *do* music videos anymore? I thought everything was downloaded mp3s these days.

  • Josh says:

    Neil is right. Unless you have an iPod with a boatload of memory, all music video viewing is done on Youtube.

  • Josh says:

    On Youtube? There tends to be multiple copies of any popular video on Youtube, so it’s just a matter of searching around for a higher quality one. That’s assuming the teen cares, which they usually don’t.

    As far as actually downloading music goes, that’s apparently what torrents are for.

    This is just what I’ve observed. For my part, I just download the occasional song off of iTunes or listen to a playlist of songs hosted on Myspace.

  • Josh says:

    It’s worth adding: Why pay to own a video that you’ll only actually watch just once or twice, when you can just watch it whenever you feel like on Youtube?

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