Which will offend you more about the Letterman story?

That he used his position to sleep with staffers*?

Or that somebody tried to blackmail him over it

Personally, I expect that we’re going to hear a lot more about the second part than we are about the first; it’s the sort of thing that you’d tend to gloss over at high speed if you’re trying to arouse sympathy for Letterman.  Which I might feel, if not the for both the first part, and the fact that Letterman’s never been shy about going after other people for this sort of thing.  And, yes, my respect for the man cratered with the Palin joke incident.  So I acknowledge that I’m not going to be favorable to his plight anyway.

That being said, blackmail is evil and unethical.  It’s also counter-productive: I can think of at least three media outlets who would have bought the evidence and exclusivity on a walk-in.

Moe Lane

PS: Jim Treacher acts as local karmic adjuster.  So does Jules Crittenden.  And I expect a great – nay, epic – response from Deceiver.com.

*Please note: I am not accusing him of adultery. There is no evidence that he carried on with other women after his marriage. But it is conceded from the start that he has engaged in sexual relations with people who worked for him.

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