It’s official: Charles Lollar is running for MD-05.

Steny Hoyer’s* seat. I talked with Charles back in August, back when it was merely very, very likely that Lollar was running; I liked what I heard.  He’s running as a strong conservative, with an emphasis on fiscal responsibility – but without ignoring the social issues, either.  Below is video from his speech to the Cecil County Tea Party on the Fourth of July:

Charles Lollar for Congress. Donate here.

Moe Lane

*Interestingly, Hoyer was the last Democrat that I ever voted for, which is a mistake that I wouldn’t make again even if I still lived in the district.  We don’t really have time for quote-unquote ‘conservative’ Democrats whose only difference between them and their liberal compatriots is in how much the rubble bounces.

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