Welcome to the White House, Doctor. Here’s your white coat.

Can’t not have a white coat on when you show up on the White House lawn behind the President when he starts talking about how doctors support his health care rationing bill*.  Why, the voting public won’t know that you’re a doctor if you’re not wearing your white coat!  Not that we don’t love the voting public, bless their hearts, but… put on your white coat, so that we can do the picture with the President!  Won’t that be great?

Didn’t bring one?  Easily fixed! That’s right! We thought ahead!


Personally, I take some comfort in the thought that at least they used all real doctors for this photo op.


They did use all real doctors for this photo op, right?  You never can tell, with this administration.

Moe Lane

*Whether they do or not is currently a matter of some dispute.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the White House, Doctor. Here’s your white coat.”

  1. What, no stethoscopes and mirror reflectors?

    Four out of five citizens recommend substance over style when overhauling the economy.

  2. The lab coats present a great metaphor for ObamaCare: bureaucrats telling doctors what to do, what to wear and how to act.

  3. Pretty stereotypical, wouldn’t you say. It just shows that politicians think all americans are completely stupid. Perhaps Obama should show up to press conferences with a basketball and a pair of Nikes.

  4. Do the people in the administration think that the america public is stupid? This is just an insult. It seems that everything that has been coming out on healthcare reform is just a marketing campaign. Fix what is broken, and leave the rest alone. Stop all the fraud in medicare/medicade. Allow people to shop for insurance, across state lines. There is more wrong with healthcare in our country, that eventually would need to be addressed, such as tort reform,

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