Quote of the Day, Matt Welch edition.

I’m really looking forward to the day when tech CEOs feel comfortable in saying “Damn RIGHT, I helped kill newspapers! I’m running a business here!” – Matt Welch.

He goes on to suggest a certain amount of shock therapy, which just happens to resemble high school bullying. Speaking as somebody who suffered from it once*, it does have a certain motivational power to it. It does also breed a certain desire for blood-soaked revenge, so caution seems… best.

Via R.S. McCain, who has an Unfortunate Picture.

Moe Lane

*Once. It turns out that diving off of a bleacher your freshman year to tackle somebody does wonders for ensuring a reasonably tranquil high school existence. My only regret is – well, my only two regrets are the lack of a video camera and that I was unable to convincingly froth at the mouth.

Well, I wasn’t looking for popularity. I was looking to do my time and be left the Hell alone.

Prison metaphor deliberate.

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  1. Don’t need to Actually pounce on someone to get them to leave you alone. You just have to Convince them that they’ll be hospitalized if they mess with you. If you do it right, no Actual hospitalizations are required.

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