So. Pew finds the populace favors civil unions 57/37…

…and that while they also opposes gay marriage 53/39, the numbers are increasing after the dip from last year*; and, at any rate, the movement since 2006 seems to be mostly coming from Republicans.  Full details here, and it’s ostensibly good news for same-sex marriage supporters (like Instapundit, GayPatriot and, well, myself).  It’d be reasonable to expect that this administration might be trying to work on some sort of compromise, right?

Nope.  Not any time soon.  There’s going to be no significant movement on same-sex marriage on the federal level before at least 2013.  You can forget about ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, too: it’s too tied to the same-sex marriage issue to be repealed.


African-Americans are 40/52 against civil unions.

That’s why.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it’s not my fault.

*I personally blame the fight against Proposition 8 for that.

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