Wizards create magic spell to produce eternal energy.

OK, you read this article and tell me whether or not I summarized it accurately:

(PhysOrg.com) — Physicists at Yale University have made the first definitive measurements of “persistent current,” a small but perpetual electric current that flows naturally through tiny rings of metal wire even without an external power source.

The team used nanoscale cantilevers, an entirely novel approach, to indirectly measure the current through changes in the magnetic force it produces as it flows through the ring. “They’re essentially little floppy diving boards with the rings sitting on top,” said team leader Jack Harris, associate professor of physics and applied physics at Yale. The findings appear in the October 9 issue of Science.

The counterintuitive current is the result of a quantum mechanical effect that influences how electrons travel through metals, and arises from the same kind of motion that allows the electrons inside an atom to orbit the nucleus forever. “These are ordinary, non-superconducting metal rings, which we typically think of as resistors,” Harris said. “Yet these currents will flow forever, even in the absence of an applied voltage.”

As to what they’re going to do with this shiny new ability… well, that’s up to the people with the robes and pointy hats. But with any luck at all we’ll get a blaster pistol out of it, or something.

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  • Neil Stevens says:

    It’s eternal current. It’s not eternal potential.

    Think of one of those little merry go rounds in a park. What these guys have done is comparable to making the thing spin forever, as long as no children are on it. As soon as you put a kid on it, the parent has to keep it spinning the same as usual.

    It’s interesting, but not directly useful.

  • kdaunt says:

    So they’ve found a way to measure essentially immeasurable electric current in coiled wire. That’s like measuring minute water motion in standing water. There’s movement, but it’s not going to amount to anything.

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