Yet more fanfic from our pundit class.

The I-like-to-write-about-what-the-President-who-lives-in-my-head-tells-me brigade is growing:

Apparently none of them actually read what the President has already said on the subject.  Which is to say: he’s happy enough to praise the military, in their place.  Which is distinctly behind advocates for climate change.

Moe Lane

*(“How is this different than what Mickey Kaus wrote? – ed.” Two reasons: first, Mickey was writing advice, and advice that he already knew was going to be rejected out of hand.  Second, I don’t mess with Mickey if I can possibly help it. – ML”)

PS: Yes, I’d like to stop writing about this, too.

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  1. Y’know, probably the only true words the Prince of Peace has ever uttered was when he said he was a blank screen on which people project their various hopes and aspirations.

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