Movie of the Week: Patton.

Because, honestly, if somebody showed you an actual picture of Patton you’d scratch your head at the way that he doesn’t look all that much like George C. Scott.  It’s that good a movie.

And so we replace Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride with Patton.  Because we can, and so we shall.


  • Deuce Geary says:

    Awesome, awesome movie. I once heard that Patton’s voice was quite high-pitched. Hard to accept after listening to George C. Scott grate his way through the role.

  • Kevin says:

    It’s true, Deuce. The real Patton had a high-pitched, squeaky voice, completely unlike Scott’s gravelly roar. Which is why they play that scene from “Patton” instead of the actual speech. 🙂

  • Raven says:

    The most interesting story about the movie:
    When the producers read the “No poor bastard” speech in the script, they said that it Must be moved to the end of the movie. To put it at the beginning, as the writers had, would be to write checks that No Movie could ever cash.
    So the Director filmed it last and cut it First.
    And it Worked.

    Cannot think of Patton without thinking of George C. Scott. Cannot think of George C. Scott without thinking of Patton.

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