John Mayer would like to shut up and sing, please.

Or at least be allowed to enjoy whatever recreational chemical that he ingested before getting dragged into an impromptu interview about health care.  Big Hollywood zeroed in on the bit at the beginning – which is good – but it’s the bit at the end that made this such a fascinating article.

Is there hope behind the heartbreak?
The melody is the hope. The lyrics are the heartbreak, the melody is the hope. If you have the lyrics being the heartbreak and the music as the heartbreak, your editor made you ask stupid fucking questions! You’re standing in front of me acting as if these questions are fair, but now we’re talking about something real. So there was stuff I wanted to put on the record that just didn’t fit the concept. So the next record will have that concept.

What concept?
More political things, worldly things.

Such as?
Nothing rhymed with public option.

You don’t always have to rhyme, though.
I’m going to forcefully sodomize your editor.

Moe Lane

PS: For the record, I do not support forceful sodomy as a corrective for anything.


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