High-water mark reached on ending the War on Some Drugs.

As per this memo, medical marijuana users will no longer be targeted by the Department of Justice.  At least, in the states where medical marijuana is legal.  Well, it’s more like the DOJ is no longer requiring prosecutors to go after medical marijuana users.  If the case is unambiguous, at least.  The operating phrase is ‘limited resources:’ pot is still considered to be the Devil’s Drug by the federal government, and they reserve the right.

Just generally… reserve the right.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy that they’re going to stop going after chemotherapy patients.  But this is at the limit of easy, which means that it’s as far as the administration is going to go.  So I’d recommend against basing your future life choices on the likelihood of a more (ahem) liberal recreational drug policy…

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Moe Lane

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