Can we get this program on the air, over here in the States?

Or is this the very best of this Coupling show?

Via fellow counter-cultural, speaking truth-to-power activist Glenn Reynolds.


  • john says:

    Every so often it comes back on rotation on BBC America, but it doesn’t appear to be scheduled at the moment. It’s a fantastic series though and worth picking up the DVDs IMHO.

  • Raven says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed what little I was able to catch of it. Especially the episode where the guy pretends to have an artificial leg…

  • jimf says:

    there are four seasons of Coupling…none since…I bought all 4 on dvd from amazon.co.uk …of course you need an all region dvd player…which you prob need anyway.

    Great Show!

  • VoxAZ says:

    The whole series is available via NetFlix streaming. This scene is from right at the beginning, episode 2 of the first season (season 4 isn’t nearly as good as the first three, but still funny)

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