It took me a frightening long time to realize…

…that the child was in bed; I did not have to keep the Thomas The Tank Engine DVD running.  This stuff is like crack cocaine for him: between that and Bob the Builder he’s mesmerized.  I’m also beginning to understand why there are so many episodes of both, and it’s not corporate greed.  It’s because parents are ready to hear a different episode after the fiftieth time that they heard the last one.

Yes, actually, I do have to blog about this.  It keeps the chanting minions at bay.


  • matt says:

    I’ve watced those with my nephew and always wondered something. Who is in charge of rail safty on Sodor? Accidents happen almost every episode,

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I’m starting to brood about the assumptions made about the need for strong social controls over AI in both that, and BtB. But when I bring them up, my wife just looks at me funny.

      Then again, she usually does.

  • oLD gUY says:

    First Bob and now Thomas. If you want something that they will enjoy and not drive you totally nuts, try the Wee Sing videos, via Amazon. They were done in the 90’s and are really good (except the last one). Marvelous Musical Mansion was the best, IMHO. My teenagers loved them back in the day and now my toddler is into them as well.

  • oLD gUY says:

    BTW if you value what is good and true, keep your kid away from Teletubbies. Sure they look cute and cuddly. But its the eyes, those empty, soulless eyes. I’m not completely sure, but I think they are preparing the way for the coming invasion by their alien overlords. Either that, or they’re Democrats. The end result is the same.

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