More Democrats behaving badly?

While I felt that my response to this Washington Post article involving the investigation of seven PMA Porkers* was pretty succinct (mad giggling usually is), this follow-up article describing the document disclosure (completely accidental, of course) and some more names to watch deserves at least a bullet points list.  Also of interest to ethics investigators, apparently:

  • Charles Rangel (D, NY): Junketing to Caribbean islands on private companies’ dimes (illegal).
  • Alan Mollohan (D, WV): may be subject to DoJ probe over failure to disclose real estate disclosures.
  • Jane Harman (D, CA): subpoenas over potential trading of favors involving Israeli lobbyists.
  • Sam Graves (R, MO): Actually, they cleared him.  But the WaPo knew that they needed to not have this be completely a Democratic list.
  • Maxine Waters (D, CA): Not in the document, apparently, – but the ethics panel is investigating her for potentially getting her husband’s bank in on bailout money.  The WaPo felt the need to mention this, so it’s all right if I do.
  • Laura Richardson (D, CA): Likewise not in the document; likewise under investigation for failure to disclose; likewise mentioned by the WaPo.

All in all… oh, we are going to have so much fun in the spring and summer of 2010.

Moe Lane

*H/T Hot Air & Instapundit.

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