Roy Edroso’s trolling? Possibly not.

Contra Don Surber & Glenn Reynolds, every time I’ve seen one of Edroso’s posts break out of the cocoon it’s been because he’s made an elementary and mockable research error*.  On the other hand, that might be just his particular method of getting hitcount.  On the gripping hand, the Village Voice obviously doesn’t care, so why should we?

Is this worth putting on RedState?  Nah, probably not.

Moe Lane

*I’d say that it was a badge of honor, except that it’s not like we’re talking A-List here.  Even by the Online Left’s more… flexible… standards.

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  • Willa says:

    Roy is a vile child who routinely errs in research or quotes out of context. He really is a 13 year old who got told he was smart one time too many. He’s sad and sick.

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