Subtract out the ‘massive amounts of self-loathing’…

…at least, for the right-side*; and also subtract the ‘drinking too much**.’ So that leaves ‘horrible sleep habits‘ as being part of the ‘political blogging lifestyle,’ too.  I’d also note that Total Immersion In The Snark is also a trait that political bloggers and webcartoonists share, but then: that’s true for Internet denizens in general…

Moe Lane

*We’re actually quite chipper, over here. Not least because it absolutely infuriates some of our perpetually pinched-face analogues on the Other Side. They’re not happy (and never will be), so they’re kind of ticked that we aren’t even more miserable.

**Dammit. Ach, well, it’s not like I’m 25 anymore. Or even 35.

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