Finally saw the V Pilot.

Pretty good stuff: sort of like Reptoids, but without the Jew-hating. Nice to see Wash and Inara get work. I don’t quite believe that it was intended to be an allegory of the current administration; but I suspect that when the second part shows up next year it’s going to have an extra heaping of quiet criticism. The folks at ABC are even now looking at the numbers, and thinking hard about the consequences.

And, dammit, they’re still using the ‘we need your water’ excuse. As Larry Niven once noted, they came in cruising right past Saturn’s rings, which are made of ice and has nobody shooting at them.

Moe Lane

PS: You know you want this.

6 thoughts on “Finally saw the V Pilot.”

  1. I didn’t even make it to the 2nd commercial break. What with the guy in the wheel chair at the top of a flight of stairs and every B-list Canadian actor in the world, except as you mention Wash who is a British actor, filling the ranks.

  2. Plus the new cliche of the skinny blonde FBI agent in white dress shirt and hip-hugger pants.

  3. As far as the “We need your water” excuse, I’m going to let this one ride. We don’t know that the Visitors *actually* need the water, only that that they *claim* that. If the show has good writers, this could turn out to be just part of the cover story. Heck, I could see a resistance member making hay out of it: “What, you believe the Visitors? They obviously didn’t just arrive: their leader spoke the primary language of 29 world cities on the arrival date. There was no way for them to do that without preparation. Within a month of arrival, they had clinics treating 35 diseases that we, with our medical history, couldn’t cure. And they need *water*? Why not just get it from the rings of Saturn? No, they’ve clearly been lying to us since Day One.”

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