SEUI goons in Sacramento?

[UPDATE] Err… yes.  Yes, of course that was an intentional typo in the title.

Well, this is an interesting report:

Via @thebcast.  My first inclination is of course to believe this Ken Hamidi fellow… as is my second, third, and fourth inclination. And none of those links directly involve Kenneth Gladney: in fact, not all of them involve right-wing sources.  Nonetheless, innocent until proven guilty… even when it comes to SEIU’s purpleshirts.  If they have evidence to show that Hamidi was at fault, I’m sure that it’ll become obvious soon enough.

Moe Lane

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  • MotherRedDog says:

    I’m leaning toward believing him. Does it make a lot of sense for one guy to attack a bunch of guys? I know that SEIU is good at intimidation, so most likely they are “skilled” at getting you to throw the first punch. I guess we have to wait and see………..or not, since these things just seem to disappear down the democrat toilet.

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