So, *which* Lynn Woolsey wants to use the IRS to go after the Catholic Church?

Via Jim Geraghty, and note that it’s the title to her article:

Woolsey: IRS should look at bishops

But I’m curious: which Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.) wants to have the IRS investigate the Roman Catholic Church in response to the latter’s support of the Stupak Amendment?

  • Is it the Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.) who is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus?  If so, is it now the CPC’s official position that the IRS should investigate the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Is it the Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.) of California’s Sixth Congressional District?  If so, will she be campaigning next year on the need for investigating the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Or is it just private citizen Lynn Woolsey (Democrat.  Dem-o-crat.)?  If so, then why did the Politico think that her opinion on investigating the Roman Catholic Church was relevant?

Moe Lane

PS: Is Rep. Woolsey’s position that the IRS should investigate the Roman Catholic Church shared by Vice President Joseph Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?

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  • Scott says:

    You,oh wise one, are surely aware that the prohibition on church involvement in political races was advanced by none other than Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson, both liberals, in spite of what many may think of Johnson. The question is why would such a proposal be put into law, other than to muzzle churches? After all, union dues are tax deductible, and unions can endorse candidates and issues (actually, I think churches can advance issues, but not candidates. Still.). Donations to Planned Parenthood are deductible, and Planned Parenthood can endorse candidates, I think. So why are only churches forbidden to endorse candidates? And maybe issues.

    Actually, I think this one should go to the Supreme Court. Someone should consider how free speech about politics, or at least candidates, does not apply to churches. I don’t think it can be squared with the Constitution any more than McCain-Feingold can.

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