Yeah, Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Origins. Thinking about it, thinking about it. It can survive on my system without too much scaling down, so there’s that. On the other hand, I’m not precisely a 25 year old. Or a 35 year old.

Anybody get this yet?


  • Hooah Mac says:

    I have it, just started playing it. Not bad so far, very similar in play style to KOTOR, Jade Empire or Mass Effect.

  • Clint says:

    It’s story-driven (ie, cutscene and conversation heavy) with WoW-style combat, not an open exploration quest, which is what I had hoped after reading reviews…
    Like to be completely ‘on rails’, but with an illusion of choice? Like looooong chats? I’m more than a little disappointed with it, and ready to get back to Fallout 3…but I dig the ‘open world’ style games myself, and get taken out of the immersion when I can’t jump over a fence and keep hitting those invisible walls. You know the kind. But I can see it’s a stellar example of that style, if your taste runs that way…

  • Skip says:

    I picked up the PC version, because I’d read that the console versions were ugly and didn’t play as well. So far I’ve played a couple of hours, and it feels like Baldur’s Gate, but with better graphics.

    I probably won’t have much time for it until Thanksgiving, though.

  • Derek says:

    I picked it up for the Xbox 360 (because I AM in my early 30’s, so Bioware games are on consoles to me), and it’s worth the money. In fact, my wife and I each keep trying to find chores for the other to do to free up the controller. I think I’m losing in that regard so far. Close-up detailed graphics aren’t super, but the settings are definitely above average. Of course, most importantly, the storytelling and voice acting are up to Bioware’s standards, perhaps even surpassing them. Which is saying a lot.

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Also got it on the 360. Not the prettiest game by far, but the background and gameplay is deep, and you could spend 40-50 hours on it easy, and that’s not counting the DLC in their two year plan!

  • Joseph says:

    As someone who’s past 40 also, I’m really enjoying this game. It’s the successor to Baldur’s Gate. As the others have said, it’s storyline driven. If you have played Planescape: Torment (also developed by Bioware), then the gameplay will seem familiar.

    FWIW, I’m playing on an iMac (booted into Vista), and have had no technical problems so far.

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