Please don’t mess with us.

Why? Simple. We’re using this technology to make better video games.

“I think I’d like to levitate something,” I said.


To start you need to quickly synch your brain, teaching the computer to recognize the thought you use to perform the specific action. In my case I imagined the box in the center of the monitor drifting away.

After doing this for a second or two, while the program “recorded” they asked me to give it a try.. and it worked. Imagining the box floating up off the top of the screen, I was surprised to see it waver and then slowly move upwards until it disappeared.

We could, however, be fast-tracking a program that would let us combine rocket launchers with video telemetry to give our warfighters the technological equivalent of the Magic Missile spell. For that matter, I imagine that the need to ‘paint’ a target for our laser-guided ordinance might be made easier if all you had to do was keep looking at the target. And I can think of two or three ways how you could combine this tech with drones to wreck a lot of people’s days. But we’re not doing that. We’re making video games.

Take. The. Hint.

Moe Lane

(Via Penny Arcade)

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