(Via Hot Air Headlines) In the course of an otherwise generic NYT Op-Ed bemoaning how the USA’s two-party system is just a touch more resilient than our self-appointed media elite would like it to be, Charles Blow comes up with this observation (bolding mine):

The party that wins the White House generally loses Congressional seats in the midterm, but this Democratic-controlled government has particular issues. Its agenda has been hamstrung by a perfect storm of politics: the Republicans’ surprisingly effective obstructionist strategy, a Democratic caucus riddled with conservative sympathizers and a president encircled by crises and crippled by caution.

Well. The Democratic faithful can’t do anything about us awful, awful, Republican obstructionists; and they certainly can’t do anything about this crippled* President. I guess that leaves getting rid of the Democratic conservatives lurking about. Burn them out! Burn them out! BURN THEM OUT!

Hey, just trying to be helpful.

Moe Lane

*Blow’s word, not mine.

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