Three new races to look at.

Drawing on and expanding from Jim Geraghty’s summary:

  • IA-03. D+1.  Leonard Boswell is the incumbent (first elected 1997); Cook currently does not list the district as in play (Likely Democratic).  Former wrestler Jim Gibbons (no campaign website yet) has just announced; he’ll be facing former National Guard chopper pilot Dave Funk in the primary.
  • MN-01. R+1. Tim Walz is the incumbent (first elected in 2006); Cook currently does not list the district as in play (probably because the Congressman won handily in 2008).  Former state legislator (and lightning rod) Allen Quist has declared; he’ll be hammering Walz on the latter’s support of the ‘stimulus,’ cap-and-trade, and health care rationing.
  • CT-04. D+5.  Jim Hines is the incumbent (freshman); Cook currently lists the district as in play (Likely Democratic).  Rick Torres (no campaign website yet) joins Rob Russo, Dan Debicella, Rob Merkle, & Will Gregory as competing for the Republican nomination.

Yup, the 2010 campaign season’s started. Time to start paying attention to your own, local races…

Moe Lane

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  • Jack Ryder says:

    Moe, we must also look much closer at New York. Yes… New York !!

    NY 4th.. Carolyn McCarthy.. an incompetent BUFFOON that is a non factor in her district. She was in hiding during the debate and recess and NEVER met with her constituents

    She has a horrible and egregious voting record and virtually no connection to a large portion of her district. She has a dismal record in terms of legislation and votes 98 % of the time the way Nancy Pelosi tells her to.

    She has depended (and still does) heavily on ACORN and CWA to steal her elections via voter fraud in the Long Island area’s of Hempstead, Elmont and Uniondale. It has worked well for her but she has now put herself in danger and someone, ANYONE even half alive, with RNC financial support and National media attention, can definately beat her. She has no campaigning skills and no energy. She has been a disgrace and the 4th has literally no representation in congress.

    What is the proof ?? Well, Nassau County voters in her district just threw out 2 term incumbent disaster County Executive Tom Suozzi, a corrupt Democrat hack. They also elected a REPUBLICAN !!! named Joe Belisi to the county legislature, defeating a real left wing Democrat named Mejias. That seat gives control of the legislature back to the Republicans and the district that did so is shockingly a heavy minority/Democrat area that heavily favors Dems and has huge amounts of voter fraud routinely.
    This shows that McCarthy may lose support, will have little energy and could have excited reinvigorated Republican county level office holders within her district to get the vote out and mobilize the opposition.

    She is a soft target yet the state and National committee don’t have her on the radar and that is pathetic. I saw the turnout at the rallies in her district and they were indicative of serious discontent and she was a main topic of conversation. She is not well liked. She can be beat.

    Next.. Nita Lowey in Westchester and Scott Murphy in Dutchess County 21.

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