Brian Baird (D, WA-03) Bails out.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers. And Big Government ones.

He’s retiring (third Democrat from a at-risk district).  It’s a D+0 seat: contra the New York Times, Cook had it as being competitive (Likely Democratic), and that will be almost certainly be upgraded rather quickly.  Baird’s reasoning?  He wants to spend more time with his family.  Judging from the reactions of his colleagues, this sudden desire comes as a bit of a surprise.

Interestingly, the six-term, 53 year old Congressman was not on the NRCC’s target-for-retirement list.  He had three GOP challengers:

David B. Castillo
David William Hedrick (This guy)
Jon David Russell

…and that’s all I know about them.  Well, that and that one of them just got a much improved chance to be the next Congressman from WA-03.

Moe Lane


  • […] LANE: Brian Baird (D, WA-03) Bails out. “Interestingly, the six-term, 53 year old Congressman was not on the NRCC’s […]

  • John says:

    You are going to see more and more of them bail Moe. I think the Democrats want it that way. The plan is to get Reps from close districts to retire. Then they can vote for Obamacare and cap and theft and not have to answer to voters for it. The Dems can then run a new guy who can lie and say “I never would have voted for that. I am different.”

  • a kral says:

    These D’s, often called “Blue Dogs”, are sending a very interesting message to their party leaders. “I’m not running so you not need fear that I will vote with my constituens, so long as I’m paid enough.”

  • He voted against PelosiCare. Suppose it made her withhold future support? or is he going to be the next undersecretary for HHS in charge of Medicaid bribes to the states?

  • Beth Donovan says:

    It will be interesting to see where these so-called Blue Dogs end up after their retirements.

    What kind of cushy jobs will they have, or will they simply have bank accounts that overflow with our tax money?

  • I am hoping that Rep. Jim Cooper D-TN5 will be the next to follow his lead.

  • The lovely and talented Jaime Herrera will also run for the GOP:

  • Dr. Kranky says:

    The payola these voluntarily retiring “at risk” Dems are getting from DC must be HUGE.

  • your mama says:

    I think they know the folks are angry and not going for the crap they’re trying too pass.don’t want to be held accountable.Hope the trend continues.

  • JAY says:

    Cook has it wrong. D+0! Are they kidding? There is a political tsunami building. The Dems with sense can feel it and they are getting out. Republicans are winning off year elections they thought they had no chance to win. The Republicans (who remain clueless) are doing 20-25 percent better than they did one year ago. The Dems will lose the house and may lose the Senate too.

  • Paul Pajaken says:

    I cannot believe that any rational person would want to be known as a democrat. The name itself conjures up the thought of a far, far, left fanatic, wanting to destroy this country, and usher in socialism. I don’t know how you can call it anything else. Destroy our capitalist system and bring in an era of big brother will take care of everything. If you manage to become rich somehow we will just take it from you and give it to the less fortunate or lazy people that don’t want to work so hard. You will have to support illegal aliens and pay for their medical and school costs and give them social security. They need housing so we will give them a house that you can pay for. Don’t you think that would be fair? Then just vote for more democrats and you will get it. Besides they are to busy stealing money from government to be bothered with your needs. Did you ever see a poor politician that left office after a couple of terms? Just keep voting democratic and your wish will come true.

  • RPF says:

    concerning Jays comment…

    (The Dems will lose the house and may lose the Senate) too.

    The Senate has flipped party majorities during elections when the house didn’t on more than one occasion. The House has NEVER flipped without the Senate also flipping during the same election. 2006 was the closest it ever came to not flipping (George Allen lost by less than 1%) to give the Democrats 51-49. It looks impossible but there is a reasonable chance for an 11 seat flip in the Senate if the Stars continue to line up. The crazy thing is this should be a safe year for Democrats as far as which seats are up in the Senate. If Democrats suffer huge losses they are screwed because Republicans are at a great advantage the next two cycles after 2010 (2012 and 2014)

  • peb says:

    While Brian Baird is a Democrat and votes pretty liberal, he did not vote for the healthcare bill that the Congress passed because it was not fiscally feasible. Perhaps he’s quitting because of family reasons or the liberal Democrats in Congress are shunning him? Who know. Time will tell…if the Senate passes their bill and he still votes against the compromise bill, then he was voting independent against his party which would mean that he is indeed a rare breed of Democrat.

  • Since 1791 says:

    I guess the discomfort he felt after David Hedrick, disabled USMC Veteran blasted him at the Town hall last summer. Check it out on YouTube. Hedrick to Baird on his Oath to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic: “I’ve kept my Oath. Do you ever intend to keep yours?” Hedrick: If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a swastika, maybe she should look on the sleeve of her own arm.” He blasted Baird about the gov trying to indoctrinate our children. “Stay away from my kids”.

  • James Reinhardt says:

    It would really be nice if all senators and reps. would leave Washington,DC. The more they are there, the more grief they cause us. Politicians = White collar welfare or those who can’t make it in the real world.

  • Conrad Osticator says:

    I’m a Republican, have served on the city council in a city in Clark County, WA. I worked with Brian Baird and shared speaking engagements with him. Congressman Baird was always gracious, a good listener, and stout defender of his political beliefs. Though I generally vote the Republican ticket, after working with Congressman Baird, I voted for him twice because the Republicans failed to field a better candidate.

    Congressman Baird spent countless hours throughout the district meeting with local politicians, and the general public. I hope his replacement can follow in those large footsteps.

    I wish Congressman Baird much success in his future endeavors and thank him for recognizing the fiscal irresponsibility of the House health care bill and voting accordingly. Prior to that vote, I honestly worried that he had been sucked into the darkness of Mordor on the Potomac. It was a relief to learn otherwise.

    Good luck, Congressman Baird.

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