Actually, I agree with both Reynolds *and* Yglesias.

The country is indeed ungovernable.

…By Democrats.

I mean, seriously: remember what life was like four years ago, when it was the GOP running things?  Miss it yet?  You should: rather more of the people reading this had jobs back then.  And fatter retirement accounts.  And better value in their houses.  And soon – very, very soon – lower taxes.

Remember, folks: the GOP can run things without Democratic input. At least, the Democrats certainly spent six or so years saying that we did*.  In contrast, the Democrats can’t run a Sunday School picnic without a Republican supervising them every step of the way.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t really think that Reynolds would disagree with this.  Or that Yglesias would agree, although I mention that last only out of completeness.

*Which is, by the way, not true.

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