White House blinks on health care rationing bill.

Ah, the politics of fear.

The entire Democratic Senate caucus is headed to the White House on Tuesday afternoon to talk health care with President Obama, just as the administration urges Majority Leader Harry Reid to cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is emerging as the skunk at the party for supporters of the massive package to create a new entitlement.


Congressional staff familiar with negotiations said the White House is strongly urging Reid to work with Lieberman to eliminate the Medicare provision.

But Reid and other Democratic lawmakers are said to be furious that Lieberman publicly called for the elimination of the proposal before members received an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on the cost of such a plan.

More accurately, the politics of being afraid.  The White House is afraid that they won’t get something that they can call a win (our B+* President hasn’t actually had many this year); the progressives are afraid that their own base will descend upon them with torches and pitchforks if there is no progress against the hated foe; and Red State Democrats are afraid that if they keep on this course they’ll be interacting with the 112th Congress as lobbyists.  It should be one sockeldanger of a meeting tomorrow.

Moe Lane

*Ahem.  ‘Surprisingly tasty.’

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3 thoughts on “White House blinks on health care rationing bill.”

  1. Hi Moe. What is a sockelganger? I’m still trying to understand all these shenanigans by congress. What a terrible state this country is in. I’m pissed off about it too man. Arrogant bastards who have now shown their true colors run the country. Goldberg is right when he says libs vs conservatives can’t be reconciled. I guess maybe itz always been this way. I think to fix it we need to abolish the EPA, the FCC and audit the fed.

  2. I guess it doesn’t matter now. The public option is out along with the Medicare buy in. It’ll pass and we’ll all be forced to buy something. Ready me a gravestone, because I won’t be forced to buy it and I won’t go to jail for it.

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