The inevitable Al Gore + Global Warming Conference = SNOW! post.

Byron York wants to know what Republican legislators are doing in Copenhagen.

Getting snowed in, apparently.

As if on cue with former Vice President Al Gore’s arrival in Copenhagen, the site of the United Nation’s climate summit is expected to receive heavy snowfall and bitter cold temperatures. With a bit of amusement some have pointed to the arrival of the cold weather as an example of the ‘Gore Effect’.

In recent years, the term ‘Gore Effect’ has come to take note of unseasonable weather that seems to accompany the Nobel Laureate or when a significant global warming event is held. Since 2004 these coincidences occur with uncanny frequency.

Well, at least this way Al Gore’s killing less polar bears.

Moe Lane

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One thought on “The inevitable Al Gore + Global Warming Conference = SNOW! post.”

  1. We should just post Al Gore to the North Pole, c/o Santa! His snow job will save the planet. Instead of having to worry about those poor polar bears sitting on melting icebergs, we can go back to watching the glaciers march through Chicago.

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