Democrats not enjoying their Congressional majorities: health care edition.

Howard Kurtz:

That splashing sound you hear is liberals jumping off the health care ship.

Moe Lane:

That murmuring sound you hear is conservatives not giving a tinker’s dam.

And why should we?  This entire situation came about because Democratic legislators decided that their opposite numbers were worth neither respect, elementary politeness, nor influence in the Grand New Order of the Democrats’ projected two-generation dominance of the American political sphere. They instead concluded that the combination of their Congressional majorities and a secular Messiah in the White House would entitle them to do whatever they darn well pleased.  So the Democrats played cheap rhetorical games to placate their more addled cheerleaders and buckled down to the serious job of gouging money out of the budget for their own districts’ gain (H/T: Instapundit).

Elections may have consequences – but, then so does choosing one particular policy strategy over another.  It’d be nice if the Democrats stopped whining about the results, thanks.

Moe Lane

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