Book of the Week: Zodiac.

Some might find Zodiac by Neal Stephenson to be an interesting choice for Book of the Week – it’s about heroic eco-activists – but it’s a good book, and a more pragmatic one than what one might be perhaps predisposed to assume. At any rate, it’s also my blog and if I want to flog a particular book, I shall. Neener.

And so we say goodbye to Leviathan, which is good – although I hadn’t realized at the time that it was also Young Adult. Not that I mind, given that it’s also steam/biopunk.


  • Skip says:

    I quite enjoyed LE Modesitt’s Ecolitian series, which has, for parts of it, an amoral eco-terrorist as the main protagonist. It isn’t really necessary for a book to have a right-wing viewpoint to be enjoyable as long as it’s not preachy. Although I do have my right-wing milSF guilty pleasures.

  • jimf says:

    Remember that Zodiac is NS’s first book…and it shows a bit. It is not as strong as his later work…Snowcrash, Diamond Age and more recently Anathem.

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