Let me just push back on the Left’s attempt to co-opt…

…the anti-health care rationing movement, as per Mickey Kaus (who is not the one trying to do it).  Three things to remember:

  1. The Online Left is angry about this bill because the final version is likely to have no public option, Stupak-like language banning federal funding of abortion, and no clear path to single-payer health care.  Give them some path to two out of three and they’ll jump back on the bandwagon.  Give them one and they’ll do the same, only complaining.  Give them none and they’ll still support the Democrats in 2010.  And the Democrats know this, which is why they’re ignoring the Online Left.
  2. The Tea Party movement – and the GOP, thank you very much – is angry about this bill because it’s an intolerable imposition on the American people’s fundamental right to live their own lives without undue government interference.  Which is why only one Republican federal legislator has come out in support of the Democrats’ health care rationing scheme.
  3. The Online Left wants to see the Tea Party movement – and the GOP, thank you very much – collectively die in a fire.  They’ve been screeching about those evil, evil corporations for the last year, and fuming impotently because they can’t get any traction on it while a bunch of center-right activists put together an opposition movement that dwarfed theirs.  In other words: they very, very, very badly want to try to co-opt what we (generic) built to serve their own ends.

To put it more simply: these people are not our friends, they are not trustworthy – or particularly useful – allies, and they don’t really want what we want.  There’s no point to working with them.

Moe Lane

PS: “But we need to stop this bill!”  Yes, we do.  We stop it by taking back Congress.

Crossposted to RedState.