Fifth year anniversary of the Asian tsunami.

Prayers for the victims and their families, of course.

Countries across the Indian Ocean have been marking the fifth anniversary of the catastrophic tsunami that killed almost 250,000 people.

In Indonesia’s Aceh province, where 170,000 died, thousands held prayers in public mosques and private homes.

On Thai beaches, Buddhist monks chanted prayers as mourners held pictures of loved ones lost five years ago.

Moe Lane

PS: And pay attention in geography class.

A 10-year-old girl saved her family and 100 other tourists from the Asian tsunami because she had learnt about the giant waves in a geography lesson, it has emerged.


In an interview with the Sun, Tilly gave the credit to her geography teacher, Andrew Kearney, at Oxshott’s Danes Hill Prep School.

She said “Last term Mr Kearney taught us about earthquakes and how they can cause tsunamis.

I can’t think of a single thing to say that would add to that.

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