Reihan Salam’s unfortunate use of the word ‘unfortunately.’

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) This post was originally a whole lot ruder – but when you demolish a persona like this with one Freudian slip, jumping on it seems almost like gilding the lily.

But if the threat of terrorism really does become a major issue in the midterms, it will reinforce another trend that doesn’t bode well for Democrats. President Obama has never done well with working-class white voters, and Republicans expect to make gains in districts where they represent an above-average share of the electorate. But as Ron Brownstein recently noted in the National Journal —citing the work of Democratic pollster Geoff Garin—college-educated whites, a key Obama constituency, seem to be souring on the president. Many of these middle and upper-middle-class voters are growing skeptical of the president’s economic agenda, fearing that it will mean bigger tax hikes than they saw coming during last year’s campaign. Michael Petrilli of the conservative Hoover Institution has argued that the GOP needs to win over “Whole Foods Republicans,” who can’t stand the culture war but who fret about the exploding national debt. What better way to draw these voters into a bigger tent than to promise a smarter, tougher, more effective approach to keeping frequent fliers safe and secure?

Considering that the GOP presided over the Homeland Security mess for seven long years, Democrats have a decent counterattack. Unfortunately, Republicans will do their best to run candidates in swing districts who are untainted by the Bush years.

Bolding mine – and ye gods and little fishes, but that was one seriously unforced error there.  I mean, you tell me how to read that as anything except a fervent wish for conservative Republican candidates to lose the next election cycle.

Moe Lane


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