Heretical bishop arrested in drug raid.

The reporter must have loved writing the first paragraph. In some ways, it’s why you get into the news-reporting business in the first place:

A church bishop shot earlier this year in an attempted robbery was arrested on suspicion of selling narcotics and is being investigated on suspicion of sexual assault.

Authorities served a search warrant Tuesday at Our Lady of Tepeyac Church in Home Gardens, an Old Catholic fellowship outside Corona. Sheriff’s investigators found evidence the man was selling narcotics from the church, according to a Riverside County sheriff’s report.

(via @vermontaigne) If you want to know what an “Old Catholic fellowship,” it’s… complicated. Oh, sweet merciful Lord, is it ever complicated.  Particularly if you haven’t had coffee yet; I think that this guy’s from the ‘Let’s have married and lady priests!’ wing of schismatic Catholics, and not the ‘Reform!  We didn’t need reform!’ wing – but that’s a guess.  And the aforementioned coffee’s sounding better and better as an idea.

Moe Lane

Moe Lane

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