Some VERY IMPORTANT news: The Hobbit casting call.

As reported here and here and here.  Be prepared to live in New Zealand for a while if they take you.

Also, they’re splitting the party book into two parts.  I’m… not entirely certain that’s a good idea, but I am entirely certain that Peter Jackson wouldn’t be able to hear me over all that money and all those Academy Awards.


  • Neil Stevens says:

    Is it a musical? If it’s an honest to goodness musical with dancing dwarves being not-so-carefully with the plates, I’ll see it in a heartbeat.

    Regardless, I’m trying to guess the splitting point. Since it’s a movie, and from what I hear the previous Tolkien movies were big on battles, I’m assuming the Battle of Five Armies is going to be a doozy.

    Likewise, when I think about it, the fighting escape from the Misty Mountains. So I guess the exit from the Misty Mountains must be the splitting point. But then that seems to leave too much for the second half.

    So the splitting point must be the entrance into Mirkwood.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Dang it though, after seeing Gandalf the White, people who don’t know the story are going to find it ridiculous that Gandalf is hiding in a tree.

  • Skip says:

    I have no doubt that PJ will insert as much material as he needs to fill in whichever half is short – he’ll just invent some new scenes with wargs in them.

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